loves Playing Live Techno Sets, Goa beaches  and French Bulldogs💖

Passionate about producing Melodic techno with flavors of Goa trance🎼

My love for music was always extraordinary however I could never figure that out because I was sitting in my fancy cabin running a tech company and busy making money and enjoying life to the fullest. At the age of 33 I realized that I needed a real purpose in my life and something is definitely missing in the current lifestyle. The first question in my mind came if it is the right age to learn music and what are the chances of acceptance. I tried DJing for a while but I wanted to create my own music and very soon I figured it out that playing live sets and instruments gives my music more power and decided that producing Live music sets is my core passion and no matter what I have to start it somewhere. One day I just decided to quit everything and joined a music school to learn electronic music. Now here I am with my first album hoping to receive some love from people. That's my story which has a small ending and a new beginning..